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Certified Organic Juice Cleanse (OJC)® - OJC Super Reds - 5 Grams Fiber

  • New and Enhanced - OJC® Reds Super Formula!
  • Supports the Body's Ability to Cleanse & Detoxify*
  • Promotes Vibrant Health with 25+ Super Fruits, Berries & Fiber*

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Vital Super Reds / Cranberry Formula - Capsules

  • Promotes Energy and Vitality*
  • Supports Cardiovascular Wellness & Antioxidant Defense*
  • With 500mg of Organic Cranberry (Pacran®) to Help Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract*

Super Reds Capsules (with 20+ Organic Super Fruits & Berries)

  • Made with Only the Highest Quality Organic Ingredients
  • Heart and Brain Health Support*
  • Supports Healthy Immunity and Energy Levels*

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Vita-Infusion + Marine Factor Anti-Aging Crème

…Nourish, Hydrate & Moisturize with Your Skin With Exotic Ingredients 6-in-1 Anti-Aging Treatment

  • Includes Red Marine Algae, Hyaluronic Acid, Peptides, Ginseng & Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin A & C and CoQ10
  • Smooths Wrinkles and Fine Lines While Reducing Redness and Skin Irritation
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    G3 Hemp Oil Anti-Aging Crème

    • Pamper Your Skin with the Omega-3 Power of Hemp Oil
    • Great for Puffy Eyes, Dry Skin, Redness & Wrinkles
    • Promotes healthy skin color and tone

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    Super Reds™

    • Promotes Healthy Energy and Total Body Wellness.
    • Provides Nutrition for Healthy Brain Function
    • Supports Healthy Cardiovascular Function

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    OJC® Variety 4 Pack (Apple + Berry Greens + Reds + Blueberry Detox)

    • 4 Great OJC® Flavors
    • Supports the Body's Ability to Cleanse*
    • Promotes Vitality, Energy and Digestive Function*

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    The Rainbow Pack

    • Our Top Selling Phytonutrient Drinks all for One Low Price
    • 4 Delicious Flavors in One Pack
    • Featuring Amazing Oranges, Perfect Purples, Super Reds and Triple Greens

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    The Presidents Pack: Super Wellness Kit

    • Designed Exclusively by Jahn Levin, President of Purity Products
    • Convenient, Powerful, Dynamic Formulas
    • Features the Purity Pack, Super Reds and Co-Q Daily with Resveratrol

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    Certified Organic Juice Cleanse - OJC® Plus - Cranberry Cleanse

    • Supports the Body's Ability to Cleanse & Detoxify*
    • Promotes Vibrant Health, Energy & Vitality* - Delicious Red-Cranberry Blast Flavor!
    • With 500mg of Organic Cranberry (PACRAN) to Help Maintain a Healthy Urinary Tract*

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